1. self indulgent modern AU…. Inigo would wear fake glasses to class to try to be cool

    self indulgent modern AU…. Inigo would wear fake glasses to class to try to be cool

  2. adorable-majestic-y-of-death asked: Wht does genderbent Gerome look like? And how does Inigo treat her and vice versa?



    I tried… ehh… starting to not like the hair clip since its reminding me of Cordelia. Personality wise, fem Gerome would still be a brooding wallflower ice queen… personally, I haven’t thought much about this. feel free to headcanon

  3. reversere asked: how about demoiselle?

    Secluded maiden gerome… sounds about right

  4. Anonymous asked: is Miracle, or Renewal is a good skill for gerome?

    You don’t need to have cherche pass them down, he can earn them himself.

    sometimes I think a lot about priest!gerome and brady being a healing tag team duo….

  5. Anonymous asked: what does dualsupport mean?

    One of the better skills to pass on to Gerome in FE is Dual Support + since he doesn’t have access to galeforce or other good female only skills on his mom’s side. With that skill, Gerome can get an equivalent support bonus of S or greater with Inigo, when paired up or fighting side by side. 

    //// I wish there was a cuter explanation to my blog name but…. its just really really dorky haha…ha

  6. image: Download

    Thinking about spring flowers… they haven’t bloomed yet where I live.

    Thinking about spring flowers… they haven’t bloomed yet where I live.

  7. Anonymous asked: besides jeroazu, what other fe13 pairings do you like?

    I sort of ship all the kids with each other…. their supports are so adorable! (looking at you owain/inigo) Though only jeroazu gets the status of OTP haha..hah

    first gen I sort of ship henry/olivia? though I personally still prefer inigo as lucina’s sibling even if chrom/olivia isn’t as interesting. There are just so many cute pairings that I like but I don’t really draw them >.>;;;

  8. jackjerripher asked: If you're still accepting suggestions, how about Gerome and Inigo on a double date with Owain and Brady, or any other pairing you might prefer, really.


    Inigo: “I’ll ask owain and brady to come too so they don’t think we’re going out”

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    Anonymous asked: hey i just wanted to let you know that i've looked through this entire blog, and i'm no artist myself, but seeing your improvement over the course of the past few months has been REALLY impressive and inspiring!!! i mean your art style was great when you started but it's especially awesome now! you're so good at expressing poses and body languages! thank you for spreading the geroazu love with your talents ♥

    Thank you! I’m still not where I want to be artistically and I have good days and bad days but thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m slowly getting there and it makes me really glad I started this blog (almost a year ago dear lord)

  10. Anonymous asked: Ooohhh, that was really sad!! Draw Inigo and Gerome getting married, pleaseeeeee. I don't care if they're in Ylisee or it's an AU where they're in Earth, just do it please!!

    Short answer… probably not because I’m a terrible person….. though I’m beginning to feel a bit guilty now from all of the response to my comic….
  11. Anonymous asked: DDD'8 but that was a sad ending! :( Is male Inigo going to get his happy ending cuz he looks sad with that book ;n;

    Sadly, marriage equality has not arrived in ylisse. Maybe someday….

  12. makedessertstoeat asked: Can you have fem!inigo and gerome's wedding? Pretty please? Love your stuff btws~))